Stevie Soprano Is Making It To The Top

Stephen Yanni, better known as Stevie Soprano, is a talented independent artist based out of the Philadelphia area.  Stevie Soprano lived in New York City for a few years networking and getting to know the industry. He was able to meet with executives, artists, and labels to be as versed in music as possible to help him climb to the top. During this time, he was able to do Sway In The Morning, This Is 50, and Do 16 or Better with Jack Thriller, which all showcased how talented he is as an artist. Stevie Soprano has performed all over the states, including NYC, DC, LA, Miami, and Philadelphia, and has never left a crowd disappointed. Along with his performances and appearances, he also drops a song each month. The unique thing about his music is he writes and produces all of his own songs. This gives his music a different taste than others as he is completely involved with the entire process.

Stevie Soprano currently has 25 songs available on all streaming platforms, including his latest song, “Gambino,” which fans are buzzing over. Stevie Soprano is able to pull inspiration for his music from all over, including artists such as DJ Khaled, Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Nas. He truly studies the industry and music through artists like these to help himself perfect his own music. This shows in his songs, including his newest singles which are planning to drop soon. Since he drops a new single every month, he is able to truly supply his fans with great consistent music which keeps them coming back. Tune in each month for more from Stevie Soprano.


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