Ghost 674 Single ‘T’d Rn’ Is Going Viral

The fact that Ghost 674 was one of five siblings didn’t help his financial situation when he was a child either. He would be left alone, responsible for looking after himself and his siblings. As he grew older, Ghost started taking on regular 9–5 jobs to support his musical goals and supplement his income. He decided to forgo a college education in favor of a full-time career as an artist as his love for music grew.

Ghost’s love for music initially took off when he was twelve. At the time, “Let It Shine,” a hit Disney Channel movie, had just come out. Ghost kept pausing to look at his mother and expressing his desire to rap as his family, and he was watching a movie one night. He soon received his first set of tools from his mother, enabling him to pursue his goals.

Ghost’s biggest challenge outside of music has turned out to be developing his sense of self. Ghost has made it a top goal to constantly remain in touch with himself and never forget his origins. Artists in the music business frequently lose sight of who they are. Along with keeping his identity, he has struggled with having the guts to follow his path rather than following others’ advice and joining the rat race.

Knxwn Sound and Ghost 674 just struck a contract. Ghost and Knxwn Sound signed a contract after releasing his now-viral hit song “T’d Rn,” pledging the two parties to work together to advance Ghost’s career. His biggest artistic accomplishment of Ghost is achieving the aim of going viral, which is something many other artists strive for. With over 40,000 streams in a single day, his song “T’d Rn” is currently trending on TikTok and Instagram. Knxwn signed the emerging star Sounds due to the song’s over 1.2 million Spotify streams in the past 30 days alone. Follow Ghost 674 on Instagram here and stream his current catalog below.


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