Jamell NYT Is A Star

Jamell NYT is a multi-talented producer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and artist from Burlington, Vermont who took his musical talents to New York City in the summer of 2017. He packed up his guitar and decided he was going to make his dreams come true in the big city. It was not all easy going however. At the beginning, Jamell NYT found himself playing the trains and being homeless while trying to make it as an artist. Yet, due to his energy, passion, and creativity he was able to get a strong local fanbase who rallied behind him and his music. He used the little that he had to make something amazing for himself, truly due to the fact that he never gave up on himself.  

Good Morning America:

Fast forward to today, Jamell NYT has reached incredible heights including performing live on Good Morning America opening up for Ciara and performing  on “FOX’s New Years Eve with Steve Harvey: Live From Times Square” live with Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong. He also is now signed to his own label, NYT LLC. His talents have also gotten him attention from some huge names, including multi platinum producer Doe Pesi who has helped co-produce his most recent album “Straight From The MTA.” This album is available now on all platforms and is sure to get people begging for more. 

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