Discovering Young Adub: The Rising Rap Artist Shaping the Future of Hip-Hop


In a landscape as saturated and competitive as the music industry, it can be challenging to make a unique mark. But for Young Adub, originally from Blue Ridge, GA and now flourishing in Atlanta’s rap scene, that has never been a problem.

“I am an emerging artist from Blue Ridge, GA, now in Atlanta.”

Let’s delve into his journey, influences, challenges, and what makes Young Adub a name to remember.

The Main Influences Behind Young Adub’s Unique Style

Every artist draws inspiration from somewhere. For Young Adub, that inspiration comes from hip-hop legends like Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Wiz Khalifa. Yet, his style isn’t restricted to the genres that influenced him; he’s also open to various forms of music to create his unique blend.

“Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Wiz Khalifa are my 3 biggest influences.”

In recent years, Young Adub has expanded his musical palette, adding a variety of sounds to his repertoire. This eclectic influence has given him the freedom to craft a style that is both old school and modern, a blend that has become his signature.

Collaborations and Partnerships: A Hands-On Artist

One of the standout aspects of Young Adub’s career is his ability to wear many hats. He is not just an artist but also a producer and an audio engineer.

“I’m always in the studio working, whether as an artist, producer, or engineer.”

His collaborations extend to industry talents like RIAA Platinum Producer AB On The Beat and other rising names such as Txzo Beatz and Prod. By Baby. His holistic approach to music creation shows a level of dedication and mastery that is rare in the industry today.

Young Adub’s Message to His Listeners

Beyond the beats and lyrics, there is a message that Young Adub aims to convey. His songs often reflect a positive vibe and the resilience that has helped him overcome challenges.

“I bring good vibes through my music.”

It’s not just about creating an atmosphere; it’s also about connecting on an emotional level with his audience. His music aims to inspire people to fight through their struggles just like he did.

Overcoming Challenges and Future Aspirations

Starting from a financially constrained background and hailing from a small town could have been limiting factors. However, Young Adub turned these challenges into stepping stones.

“I plan on taking my music to the highest level possible.”

He even moved to Atlanta and graduated from SAE Institute in 2022 with an associate degree in Audio Engineering. With goals of going on world tours, featuring in movies, and even venturing into entrepreneurship, Young Adub is aiming for the stars.

The Final Note

Young Adub is an artist you should not overlook. With a growing discography and an expanding influence, he is setting the stage for a long-lasting impact on the music industry.

“I plan on releasing more quality music more consistently than ever for the rest of 2023 and into 2024.”

Ready to join Young Adub on this incredible journey? Click here to explore Young Adub’s latest tracks.

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