Capturing The Best Experiences With Easy Breeze Cruises

Join in on the fun in Montauk, New York, with Easy Breeze Cruises, the hot and new activity to experience the best views with your best friends. Easy Breezy Cruises has been serving the hotbed vacation spot for many years. Serving people with an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the most relaxing setting.

Easy Breeze Cruises:

Easy Breeze Cruises offers sunset cruises seven nights a week. Friday through Sunday, additional trips for mid-afternoon and happy hour from 4-6 pm. What makes Easy Breeze Cruises special is the ability to have an exclusive experience with friends and family that allows you to charter the boat with themes, select foods, and drinks. The boat is one of a kind that has a whole 360 panorama on the main deck with open windows. In addition, the top deck is open, where you can enjoy the fresh air and the perfume of saltwater in the air. To top it all off, bars are conveniently located on each deck, so you can comfortably enjoy some of their signature cocktails like the Shark Bite or BBQ Margarita.

Captain Steve Houston:

From spending 13 years navigating the Montauk waters as a fisherman, Owner, and Captain, Steve Houston knows exactly how to give everyone the best experience possible out on the waters. From going against many neigh sayers and overcoming many challenges, Steve saw the opportunity to make a lifestyle change and fill a void in the excursion scene in Montauk. He wanted to catch the interest of the people visiting the beloved town and give them an experience they could remember forever. Steve mentions that the most significant obstacles they faced were doing what he had envisioned but not stepping over any boundaries.

Picking his battles was a fine line, from getting the liquor license to abiding by Coast Guard rules. Overcoming all of that, Easy Breeze Cruise can allow people to fill the boat with 100+ friends and family, skip lines and crowds that bars have, and enjoy the space for yourselves to take in the best views on the water.

Book Your Trip:

Soon, Easy Breeze Cruises will have a fleet of boats that can cater to multiple parties. So not only will you be able to have your boat to enjoy, but there will also be a variety of experiences for people to try out. Steve has many new ideas flowing to continue giving people breathtaking experiences that the whole family can enjoy. Steve lives by the mantra, “never miss out on an opportunity.” He thanks his Mom, who showed Steve what determination and hard work could do.

You can visit the website here to find more information and book and reserve a spot. Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram and check out some of their past experiences!


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