Ringi’s “Automatic”: An Anthem of Authenticity

Independent artist Ringi, known for his rare melodic trap style, continues to make waves with his latest offering, “Automatic.” This single, the sole track currently released by Ringi, has been a labor of love and a testament to his musical evolution.

Exploring “Automatic”

“Automatic,” produced in collaboration with Kenechi D Ubani, is not just a song—it’s a statement. Ringi’s music transcends typical genre boundaries, focusing instead on creating an experience that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.

The Creative Force Behind the Music

The journey of creating “Automatic” was filled with moments of clarity and genuine expression. Ringi’s partnership with producer Kenechi D Ubani has allowed him to craft a sound that is both innovative and reflective of his artistic vision.

Ringi’s Vision for the Future

As Ringi looks to the future, his plans include not only continuing to push “Automatic” but also to create an entire album that captures the essence of his sound. His commitment to his music and his fans remains unwavering. Experience Ringi’s sound for yourself by listening on Spotify and following him on Instagram.


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