Meet Michael Jenkins: Empowering Generational Wealth Through Trading Education

Michael Jenkins is a successful entrepreneur and founder of FreeLife101 Investment Group. He is known for his expertise in trading Forex and teaching others how to do the same. Jenkins grew up in Detroit, Michigan, in a single-parent household and faced challenges throughout his life. He didn’t do well in school and dropped out of college after two years. However, after working in door-to-door sales for 12 years, he realized he needed something that would allow him to earn unlimited income without relying on someone to spend money with him.

In September 2019, Jenkins started trading Forex and after making his first six figures, he started FreeLife101 Investment Group in February 2020. The company was created to cater to everything Jenkins knew the market needed and more. They have successfully simplified Forex, making it easy for anyone to understand. Jenkins believes that Forex is not a scam or a complicated MLM, and with the proper coaching, anyone can earn more than they ever imagined.

The most rewarding part of his job, according to Jenkins, is watching people walk away from the jobs they hated and live a FreeLife like they deserve. He has retired over 300 students and has one 7-figure millionaire student. He has also earned his first 2 comma club award from ClickFunnels, commemorating earning $1 million in his coaching business.

Jenkins wants his audience to know that they don’t have to keep working at a job they hate, and they can create generational wealth by learning how to trade Forex. He believes that anyone can do it with the proper coaching, and it is time to take the privilege of trading back from the banks and create wealth for themselves.

In the next five years, Jenkins plans to build success camps all over the world. These will be free boarding schools for the homeless to come and get clean, reprogram their minds with personal development, get in shape, and learn a trade taught by certified tradesmen. They will be able to gain employment after earning their certification in whatever trade they pick and work until they are hired in with full pay and able to rejoin society with a new beginning. The only requirement will be to stay away from all drugs and alcohol.

Jenkins’ advice to young entrepreneurs is to never get too attached to when they think they should reach their goals. They can’t put a deadline on success, and God has the best plan. Their business should be their passion, and they should be fulfilled by the love they have for it. Money will be an automatic byproduct.

Jenkins’ biggest inspiration is Jim Rohn, whose story, background, and gift to the world impacted him deeper than any other speaker. Jenkins still listens to Rohn’s audios daily on YouTube to keep him focused.

Those interested in learning more about Jenkins’ academy can visit His academy operates at a high 90% capacity, so grab his Free Forex Fortunes Course and apply for coaching now because spots are limited. To keep up with Michael Jenkins make sure you follow him on Instagram.


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