FACEvsIT Brings Music To His Latino Community

As a child of an Ecuadorian family from Los Angeles, FACEvsIT grew up surrounded by music. Since he was born, FACEvsIT has been exposed to music from his Ecuadorian heritage as well as dancing styles such as salsa and merengue. As a result of his connection to music, he has a keen ear for sound and a unique way to connect with his fans. During the listening experience, he wants his fans to experience what it’s like to be a Latino in Los Angeles. His goal is to help them understand the human experience from his perspective, so they will be able to relate to him better. A lot of things, including his upbringing, have influenced his music. He is currently inspired by artists such as Julio Jaramillo, Hector Lavoe, Joe Arroyo, Oscar De Leon, Tupac, Eminem, Big Pun, B Real, Atmosphere, Rage Against The Machine, Tego Calderon, Vico C, Big Boy, and Frank Sanatra.

Who has he worked with?

As a result of all this inspiration, he has been able to create amazing music with the help of his talented producers. In the past, he has produced some of his own music, but his most successful music has come from collaborations with producers such as THXbeats, KT the Terrible, Christian Ford, New Sean, etc.

New Music:

He is now celebrating the recent release of his first solo album titled “3FAC3S.” This album’s title comes from a proverb which speaks to him. A human has three faces: one that is seen by the world, one that is seen by those close to them, and one that is not seen at all. Through this project, his audience gets a clear and complete picture of who he is both as an artist and as a person. To follow along FACEvsIT’s journey, follow his Instagram and listen to his released music on Spotify!


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