Zach Harnish Is on The Rise

Zach Harnish is a 22-year-old photographer and videographer from a small town in Connecticut called Terryville. His first time ever touching a camera was in high school film class. It was here Zach knew he had a true talent. He decided to go to college to study film but only stayed for a year before deciding his best course of action was to leave and work for himself. He started to see real progression in his career in 2018 when he left school and started photographing concerts. He was working with a concert production company photographing headlining acts all over the northeast such as DaBaby, Lil Tjay, and Polo G. His biggest challenge was trying to get his parents to understand what he wanted to do with his life. His parents were always supportive, but Zach knew they did not understand what he was trying to accomplish. Now as he has started to gain traction within his career, they are starting to understand what he does and the impact he makes which means the world to him. Zach Harnish is currently an independent creator who hopes to inspire others. He wants people to know that anything great is achievable, but everything great takes a lot of hard work. Zach Harnish is currently working with Foreshadow who work with entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, brands, and companies who want to reinvent their online presence. Four Shadow is on the rise and looking to work with anyone who is willing to match their hard work and determination. Their goal is to take over the creative market and they plan to make big moves in this upcoming year.


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