UFO has Major Plans for the Future

At a young age UFO knew that he was destined to change the world with his music. Growing up in Chicago, UFO had to overcome the harsh reality going on around him. He used music as a tool to zone and augment his reality. Music served as a therapy for UFO, and he intuitively knew one day he would become an artist himself. UFO spent the majority of his childhood studying the art of rap. He dissected the way rappers constructed their raps and picked up on their styles and techniques. His hard work and dedication have helped UFO cultivate himself into the lyrical genius that he is today.

The inspiration behind UFOs lyrics come from the trials and tribulations he had to face growing up. He knows that if he can harness his emotions and put them on paper, he can help impact the lives of all his listeners. He has learned many life lessons of his journey of life and intends to help his fans learn from his experience as well. The way he forms a picture in the mind of his listeners is something we haven’t seen from any other young rapper.

In 2022 UFO plans to take his career to the next level. He recently just released his highly anticipated EP “In Transit”. His new EP has the whole music industry buzzing and has put his name on the map of many big players in the industry. In the new year expect more music to come from UFO.

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