TeddyBearBless Does It All

TeddyBearBless is a Haitian American born and raised in New York City. He is an artist who originally began his career working behind the scenes as an intern for video producers. He has now expanded his skillset to include being a photographer, videographer, talented script writer, actor, dancer, and overall entertainer. He writes all his own material, and he also writes for other performers. TeddyBearBless is an educated man and earned his associates degree which helped him enhance his writing. He was able to use his writing skills to create his own popular superhero named Captain Haitian. TeddyBearBless is an entrepreneur who offers a multifaceted experience. He can create content from the ground up and is involved in every step of the creative process including all the postproduction work such as video editing and sound mixing. He then can take his content and the content of others and use his skills for advertising and promoting the content. Some of his greatest successes would be being on the Jerry Springer Show which airs in October. He has also been featured on World Star multiple times which has been huge for his brand. These successes did not come without challenges, however. He struggled financially as many up-and-coming artists do but found his biggest challenge was finding himself and his own creative voice. This took a long time and a lot of trial and error but has been the most rewarding achievement yet. TeddyBearBless is just getting started and has a lot coming in the upcoming year


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