Shabam Is Breaking the Mold

Shabam was born as Shubham Parmar in India but has now relocated to Los Angeles where he has been for almost three years. Shabam started music when he was three years old and always knew that he had a natural ability to sing. He was able to get more into music when he grew older and realized he also had a talent for writing. This is when he decided this was his destiny and made music his full-time career. This decision was not an easy one and brought on many of the darkest years of his life. Coming from India, he was expected to become a doctor or engineer as his society accepts those paths. He found it hard to follow his dreams when he was doing something completely different than what his society was teaching him to do. He felt that making this choice turned everyone against him and he felt completely alone. Music was his savior in this time as he listened to his heart and followed his love for music out of these dark times. He is fortunate to have supportive parents who helped him continue this pursuit and not lose his motivation. He channels these hard times into his music to help those who are also struggling. Shabam is an emotional person and really cares about other people. He feels that loving those around you and feeling your emotions are the most important things you can do. He writes about his experiences and hopes to help people learn to love themselves again. Shabam recently released his first single “I Bow to You” in October and is already working on his next song. His next song will be released this upcoming year and will not be something to miss.

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