Rockstar Astrophobia Creating Waves with Debut Mixtape “Made by Anxiety”

Delivering with passion and energy, the artist to watch in the new year is rockstar Astrophobia. Reigning out of South Florida and getting his way to Los Angeles, Astrophobia plans to keep up the hot momentum from spending time touring and delivering multiple singles. From his latest project, “Made From Anxiety” his hottest song in the project, “Ugly” is building some attention.

Giustino Natale, aka Astrophobia, is a developing independent artist who is driven to take it to not-so-common heights. The true rockstar has the authenticity not everyone is able to compose in their lyrics and flowing so well behind the instrumentals. The hit single “Ugly” has some true headbanger flow and is focused on the emotions of heartbreak and pain. Astrophobia wants his listeners to feel the experience that he went through and resonate with them that experiences can suck sometimes, but that’s okay. “Without the Ugly there would be no beauty.”

Astrophobia has the vision and excitement for his fans as he plans on dropping a new single every month for all of 2023. He wanted to keep quiet on most of his upcoming work during his interview but made a note to us that fans can be excited. He has goals lined up to work with some high-level, well-known producers and wants to shake things up with some dubstep that he so much enjoys himself.

The dedicated worker in Astrophobia wants to make a difference and be a role model to his peers and followers. He advocates, through his platform and music, for people to stay on a good path. Surrounding yourself with the right people and avoiding drugs and alcohol. Astrophobia has lived and experienced a lot and endured so much that he doesn’t want other people to experience it. He enjoys and appreciates his partner and producer, Jeremy, who has helped him through all his trials and tribulations, supporting him the whole way.

Keep up with Astrophobia and stream his new catalog here. You can get a feel of his life and enjoy the passion he portrays through his music. Check out his unique style on Instagram and stay updated with anything new.


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