Ralan Styles Is A Star

There are artists everyday who hope to one day make it big. Many artists commit their entire lives to getting a big break. However, some talented few are able to use their own skills to make themselves known and create a big break for themselves. An obstacle many face in the industry is finding someone to give their music a chance. Well, Ralan Styles decided to take matters into his own hands and give himself a chance to make it big. Ralan Styles started recording music in 2019 and in 3 short years he has amassed over 100,000 followers online and millions of views on his music. 

Many may wonder how he was able to make this kind of jump in such a short time. He will tell you it is pure raw talent. Ralan Styles knows how to connect with his audience, market himself, and create a platform for great music for anyone to access. Ralan Styles used TikTok to promote his new song “Baby Shark” which took only 3 weeks to reach over 10 million views. By combining his social media literacy, catchy hooks, amazing songwriting, and laidback delivery Ralan Styles has been able to make a name for himself and create a space for his fans to enjoy his music. Follow him for more coming soon. 

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