Papi Versace is A Unique Talent

Papi Versace was born in Somers Point, New Jersey and grew up in Atlantic City. He comes from a long line of musicians and entrepreneurs from both his father’s and mother’s side of the family. From the time he could walk and talk he was singing and playing African instruments and has been in love with music ever since. Papi Versace is an artist with very broad horizons which is exactly what the music industry has been waiting for. He provides a cultural blend of musical styles incorporating western rap, eastern rap, and Latin pop to create a new and exciting sound. With this combination and his delivery, it is impossible for his fans, new or old, to be disappointed when he comes to his songs and his visuals. He has even been noted to be a “baby Drake” by his close affiliates showing his promise for the industry. Papi Versace is quickly making his way up the ranks and will soon be in the spotlight in the industry. He wants his fans to listen to his music and get inspired by his lyrics and beats. He wants to motivate his fans to chase their dreams just as he is doing. His greatest achievement as a musician so far has been being able to be an inspiration to other musicians and fans to create for themselves. Papi Versace is soon releasing an RnB record titled “Commitment” which will be sure to make waves. Be on the lookout this next year for new releases from Papi Versace and his team.


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