Miss Storm Creating Influential Music For Her Fans

Shannen Howard, also popularly known by her stage name Miss Storm, is a young artist from Warren, Ohio. Miss Storm was raised by two powerful, influential grandparents who supported her in her quest to follow her dreams. She was a part of talent shows in high school and sang in the church choir, which allowed her to get started in the music world. The music was always a source of happiness for her. It brought her joy, and she used it to aid her in dealing with stress in her daily life.

When she was in high school, Miss Storm decided she would be an artist. She began traveling between cities and making herself known to anyone she could to make the mark as an entertainment artist. The path has brought difficulties, but it has led her to where she is now. When it concerns songs, she focuses on self-love and encourages black harmony in her music. She wants her listeners to feel inspired, confident, and valued. Her primary goal as an artist is to bring balance to music and give music lovers an escape from their daily conversations. She hopes to bring about changes and enable the young generation to approach listening differently.

Check Out What Miss Storm Has Planned

Miss Storm has lots of new music to come out soon. The much-anticipated concept album “Black Dreams” will be released later in the year. Also, the singer is set to release a track for the summer season in June called “Where You Wanna Be.” The track isn’t on any of the playlists. It’s a great-feeling track that focuses on bringing people together and having fun while serving as a way to raise the awareness of culture. She is also doing interviews as well as writing to other musicians. 2022 will be an exciting year for Miss Storm and her work in the field of music. Follow Miss Storm on Instagram and listen to her music on the streaming service Spotify.


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