Juan Arango is Making Moves

Juan Arango is a businessman who had a difficult path to get to where he is. He always knew he wanted to help other people but did not know how to get there or what steps he should take. He got a job directly out of college and finance but respectfully left the company because he knew it was not for him. It was too hard for Juan to be an entrepreneur at heart and fulfill other people’s dreams from the sidelines. When he left his job, he used the money he had been saving up and decided to make the best decision of his life and invest in himself. Along with his partner he opened Sense Esthetics Medical Spa in Port Chester, New York during the beginning of COVID. Juan has always been a very hard worker making his own money since he was 19 years old through different endeavors such as e-commerce, stocks, website designing, crypto currency, and buying and selling sneakers. His new business was flourishing, and he came across the opportunity to join another business called Everyday Success Team. He is now able to balance managing his business and being able to help others which he has always wanted to do. At Sense Esthetics he manages all day to day as well as long term goals for the business, financial, marketing, and innovations. He works with licensed estheticians and an inhouse doctor to provide a variety of treatments including micro needling, Botox, PRP, iv vitamins, and much more. At Everyday Success Team he works with people who want to build their online presence and credibility to help further their careers. Both businesses are on the rise and Juan is going to be making big moves in 2022.


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