JD Bertola Expands To Helping People In Every Way

Find out more about the top-of-the-line landscaping company operating in St. Petersburg, Florida. In this ever-expanding industry, Elite Landscape Solutions is revolutionizing quality, professionalism, and customized solutions for clients. Elite Landscape Solutions’ viable business model has helped them become a reliable cash flow-producing company that has allowed them to dive deeper into customer service.

The Man Behind The Operation:

Get to know the man behind the operations. JD Bertola aka Jean-Didier Bertola is the owner and developer of the company. Growing up in Scituate, a small town outside of Boston, JD holds dual citizenship in both the US and France. JD moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, after high school to pursue his dream and start his ever-growing business and brand. The mindset and dedication of JD are admirable. Every action you take is a result of the mindset you have. He mentions, “If you have a mindset that builds off of past successes and treats the failures as valuable lessons, then you will continue to grow because you will inevitably become better and better at what you focus on.”

Landscape Solutions has evolved into something more significant than that. By hiring a full management team for the company, JD has taken the lessons learned in building the brand and growing the business to now serve in that capacity. By using the right marketing strategies and tools, the company helps other brands and business owners expand their businesses. Additionally, he used his experience of starting a business to help others through sharing his expertise and knowledge.

Networking Is Power:

A major aspect of JD’s business is its networking opportunities and its resourceful ability to provide solutions to struggling brands and businesses seeking to get off the ground. In order for a business to succeed, JD wants his audience to know that resourcefulness and the right fundamentals are essential. Business development requires a particular expert to see what adjustments need to be made and what actions will best benefit the company. A company like this provides exactly this kind of service. 

There is no doubt that anyone working with this company is in good hands. Providing business owners with tools for brand growth, consultations, and opportunities to jump into new opportunities and ventures, this solutions company is ever-expanding. Generally speaking, this solutions company will be able to venture into real estate, grow its social media presence, and create the appropriate branding aesthetic and positioning for any business within the next few years. 

Having the ability to help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve meaningful success is what makes JD’s solutions company so rewarding. These solutions companies can help businesses in a wide variety of ways, whether it is consultations or collaborations. So be sure to check out this solutions company and their resources and tap into their socials here to get in touch with someone and get more information.


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