JaysenLazy: “Music Saved Me”

JaysenLazy is an artist from Compton, California who thanks music for saving his life. Growing up in Compton was dangerous and did not give a lot of opportunities to get out and get a better life. Music was always around when he was a child and he watched how it got people through their toughest times. This is when he decided he wanted to become one of those people. He started rapping before he even knew how to write and continued to perfect his craft as he grew older. Music was able to save him before he even knew he needed saving, and he is grateful for that every day. JaysenLazy suffers from depression which is a challenge he must overcome every day. He uses his music to portray his emotions and help pull himself out of the darkness he feels. When people listen to his music, he wants them to be able to feel his drive, ambition, and emotions which he puts into every song he makes.

He is currently an independent artist who produces his own music. He draws inspiration for his sound from artists such as 50 Cent and Eminem who also use music to express their feelings and the difficulties they have faced in their lives. He explains how difficult it is being a rapper from where he’s from as no one wants to see you shine. He needs to motivate himself and push forward to thrive on his own. He will be releasing his next single May 10th titled “Suicidal Depression” which is about family, love, and life.


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