Jay Marchese, The Leading Mogul For Overall Success

Meet Jay Marchese, the do-it-all influencer who is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, Jiu Jitsu athlete, and owner of OneSleeve BJJ and Promotions. Using mind, body, health, and wealth training, Jay Marchese will help your personal brand or business thrive.

Jay Marchese Enterprise:

With Jay Marchese Enterprises, Jay Marchese has helped thousands of people network, elevate, and build credibility online. With large brands, pro athletes, and artists, he has worked extensively. His one-stop shop for all marketing needs, he will tailor a marketing plan that meets your business’s needs and goals. After Jay’s sleeve was ripped off during practice, he came up with the idea for OneSleeve, a startup rash guard collection. He has implemented strategies into his brand and implemented them into his clients to help them thrive based on what he has learned from his own experience.

Jay’s Team Wins:

Jay ensures that his team always wins. This is what he finds most rewarding about what he does. Because he has been on the losing side of things more times than he would like to count, his hunger for success extends to his team and to the people around him. For over four years, he has helped Jiu-jitsu training partners, artists, influencers, and coaches find solutions.

Jay’s piece of advice to anyone else is to surround yourself with winners. He found that learning and getting mentorship from people with what he wanted worked best for him. His goal is to motivate his audience to take action, get after it and enjoy the time while working hard. He wants them to know that they have his full support in all things. Whatever it is, there is always room for growth and opportunity.

His circle eats together. There is always enough of the pie for everyone to eat. Things are about to take a whole new turn for Jay. After overcoming adversity and finding mentors who had his best interest in mind, Jay now teaches people how to earn five-figure monthly incomes online. Jay and his team have some pretty exciting things in store. Tap into Jay and his team here on Instagram and check out his brand on his website.


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