James Trend; The Canvas Artist You Have Been Waiting For

With his insanely talented art, James Trend experiments with creating art in a variety of strange locations, including underwater, on mountains, while snowboarding, and even on the beach. Get to know James Trend Designs LLC. James Trend is a professional fine artist who has been painting for over 18 years. As well as producing paintings for clients, he creates murals, commercial art, and digital artwork. 

James was born in Westchester, New York, and now resides in Boca Raton, Florida. He’s been pursuing his passion as a full-time career for over a decade. The luxury of living anywhere gives him the freedom to create what he wants when he wants. The doubts of people who told James that painting wasn’t a career haven’t stopped him from succeeding. The James Trend Designs LLC team is composed of five very talented people who carry out a wide variety of tasks within the fine arts industry, including original art commissions, business murals, custom clothing, and art leasing.

Art Shows:

In September 2022, James will host his first solo art exhibition in Delray Beach, where he will debut his new Fine Art series, “The Floral Collection.” Also, he will unveil his new NFT collection. James is excited to share his work with the public and bring his dreams to reality. He affirms his recent successes are due to his statement, “I believe it takes a high level of perseverance, determination, self-awareness, strong work ethic, kindness, selflessness, and most importantly, an unwavering belief that you deserve the success that you crave.”

James wasn’t always a full-time artist. Throughout his childhood, teachers and people around him told him that he could never make a living or any real money being a canvas artist. To follow his dreams, he had to ignore those doubts and trust his gut for almost 18 years. The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people cannot be overstated. As he says, “Never give up on an idea you truly believe is good.”. The only person that will stop you from achieving everything you want is you.” The most important influence in his life is his father. He has shown him that if he works hard and commits, he can accomplish anything.


For the young talented artist, there is much to look forward to. His goal is to open his own art galleries in Miami, other parts of Florida, Vail, Colorado, and other places around the country within the next couple of years. As he continues to build his multi-million real estate portfolio with 25+ rentals, his art business will be valued above $5 million.

Keep up with James Trend and follow him on Instagram. Also, check out his website to see more of his work!


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