From Rock Bottom to Entrepreneurial Success with Aren Calhoun

Aren Calhoun is a fitness enthusiast turned entrepreneur who is inspiring individuals to break generational curses and create generational wealth. He is the founder of Forgetting Average LLC, a company that inspires through fitness and helps individuals and brands scale their businesses. Aren’s journey to success has not been an easy one, but it is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and resilience.

Growing up in New Castle, Delaware, Aren always had a strong work ethic. He realized early on that he was an “all-in” type of person who was passionate about achieving his goals. However, he hit rock bottom at one point in his life and got tired of being sick and tired. It was at this point that he started saying to himself, “Forget your average,” which ultimately became the name of his company.

Aren’s first foray into entrepreneurship was through fitness. He realized that he was training people for free and decided to start charging for his services. He began posting on social media but initially had little success. He soon realized that he needed to focus on marketing to increase his exposure and landed brand endorsement deals that helped him grow his business. Today, he uses his platform to inspire others and help them achieve their goals.

Forgetting Average LLC helps goal-oriented individuals and brands of all types scale their businesses. Through EVERY DAY SUCCESS TEAM, they help market brands and increase credibility, creating lucrative income streams that lay the foundation for generational wealth. With WiFi warriors, Aren serves as a “dot connector,” connecting high-value entrepreneurs with others in their sector to help them scale their businesses even further.

Aren’s greatest success is not just turning his own dreams into reality, but helping thousands of people achieve their goals as well. He believes that the key to success is tenacity, reliability, resilience, and attention to detail. He advises young entrepreneurs to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, take calculated risks, and never be afraid to invest in themselves or their brand. In the next five years, Aren sees himself speaking in front of thousands, inspiring action-takers to break generational curses and create generational wealth. He believes that being of service always creates security for the catalyst. Whether you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or looking to take your business to the next level, Aren Calhoun and Forgetting Average LLC are an inspiration and valuable resource. Keep up to date with Aren through his Instagram.


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