Fresh Mick’s Ear for Music

Growing up in Pine Canyon, CA, Fresh Micks quickly gravitated towards music to find an emotional outlet to deal with his struggling home.  He began playing music at 9 years old which unlocked a passion and hunger like no other.  Slowly learning multiple instruments through grade school, like the piano, guitar, bass, and clarinet, he was able to establish a wide range of sound at a very young age.  He began to have a local following for his musical talents and natural ear.  In 2013 to 2015, Fresh Micks released a free style series on YouTube and then followed up with a series of mixtapes such as “Learning Experience” and “Hometown Hero”. HIs young passion had developed into a serious career with serious potential.

In more recent years, Fresh Micks moved upstate in California to become a mix engineer and producer for other aspiring artists.  Additionally, he continued perfecting his craft to then release “Disaster 2”, a soulful melodic, R&B piece that grabbed the attention of multiple music blogs, critics and fans which marked the start of something big for Fresh Micks. Being an independent artist, Fresh Micks has the freedom to use his unique ear to cover multiple genres therefore reaching a wide variety of listeners.

Even though he holds a great variety in sound, he stays consistent with his message to the listener, which is that it’s okay to be expressive and vulnerable, that’s still cool. Moreover, he hopes the listeners find his struggles and emotions during situations relatable which can provide a sense of belonging. Fresh Micks is the kind of artists that builds a relationship with his listeners through his melodic sounds and lyrical stories.

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