Four Years Of Work Paying Off For Snazzyphade

You might recognize his work as Snazzyphade, an independent artist based in Los Angeles. A native of Manteca, California, Snazzyphade never let his small town stop him from reaching stardom. Currently living in LA, Snazzy is preparing to release a song featuring Sean Kingston. It’s only the beginning of Snazzyphade’s story.

Early Life:

With this rising star, there is a lot to analyze. A number of impressive accolades have been bestowed upon Snazzy. He graduated at the top of his class at SAE institute in Berkeley with a degree in audio engineering and music production. More than half of Snazzy’s songs were produced by him, and he’s invested over six figures into himself. The fact that he is working with some of the biggest names in the industry makes sense. As a brand builder and leverage creator, Snazzyphade is focused on creating leverage for his business. To continue to interact with the highest-level individuals, he hopes to get into the room with them.

In the past four years, Snazzyphade has released over 40 songs. Throughout his career, he has worked as an audio engineer, producer, and artist. Growing up, he enjoyed listening to music that he could relate to. His audience hopes to receive the same message. Most of his music is about girls and relationships. Growing up, he was moved by those songs, so he makes them now. Every now and then, he likes to experiment with different genres.


He finds Russ to be a very strong inspiration when it comes to music. He admires his consistency, which Snazzy tries to emulate. A focus for Snazzyphade is how Russ improves with each song. He is also inspired by Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Lil Wayne. 

Keep in touch with Snazzyphade, listen to his catalog, and keep your eyes out for his new song, with Sean Kingston releasing very soon!


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