Don’t Underestimate Juandisemo

Juandisemo, born Juan Rayo Orozco, is an up-and-coming artist based out of South Florida. Juandisemo has not always had it easy and has worked hard for everything he does have. He grew up in Colombia where his opportunities were very limited and hard to come by. When he moved to the United States his whole life came into focus. He realized how little the people he grew up around had and how much he must be grateful for. With this new life ahead of him he decided to take his opportunities and run with them. He has always had a passion for music and this passion elevated when he met his management team in 2018. Working with this team he was able to craft a new sound and create music that truly spoke to who he is as a person. He is inspired most by Kid Ink when creating his music. Growing up Kid Ink was one of the first artists that Juandisemo wanted to be just like. He loved his style from the way he looked to his music. He was inspired by every part of Kid Ink’s persona and wanted to emulate that in his own way. When making these hits he wants everyone to know he is not someone to take lightly. He is a serious artist with a lot of raw talent that is ready to take over. He plans to drop his newest single “Spark Up 2” this upcoming summer which will have 8-10 tracks on it and will embody the lightheartedness and happiness of summertime. He also plans to release “LiveLifeLitt2” in early 2022 which will be one of his biggest projects ever.


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