Dennis Driftmeyer Has a Positive Vibe and Consistent Grind

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts Dennis Driftmeyer started to get involved with music at a very young age.  At the age of 4 years old his mom had signed him up for the choir where he began his love for music.  Overcoming battles at a young age like his father passing, Dennis let music be an outlook to express himself.  Fast forwarding to the present day, you can find Dennis Driftmeyer DJing and singing in multiple places across the United States.  Currently, he is in Arizona developing his talents more as a singer and DJ.  His hard work and perseverance are the cornerstone of his success.  He uses his past experiences to deliver to his listeners with a powerful message in each song.

Dennis Driftmeyer is an independent artist constantly creating new sounds. His day to day is full of grind and consistent effort.  After his morning routine of gym meditation and breakfast, you can find him all day in the studio producing his own music. He finds inspiration from artists like Drake and Bob Marley.  This wide range of music genres gives Dennis that unique sound in his music. Furthermore, his music tells the listeners that it’s okay to be different.

Dennis Driftmeyer’s next project is coming out soon and contains a mix of Afro beats and soul music. This project will be about living life to the fullest and being comfortable in your skin.  The consistency of upbeat and positive messages will provide a happy vibe to the listener. Follow and Listen Dennis Driftmeyer’s path to positive path to fame!


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