Davidthadudee’s No Force to Be Reckoned With

Growing up in Pompano, Florida, Davidthadudee was inspired to rap at a very young age.  His earliest memory of creating music was for his Father on Father’s Day where he used TI’s melody from “What You Know”. This is one of many examples that showed creating songs and rapping came easy to him even at such a young age. Davidthadudee was surrounded by music at such a young age because his father was a DJ.  HIs father would play hip-hop on car rides being exposed to Scareface, Ludacris, Outkast, Goodie mob, ugk and the hotbois. Being exposed at such a young age to numerous artists, gave Davidthadudee an early understanding of his passions and goals in life.  Additionally, his connection with God has provided him the strength to push through hard times and work hard to create music.

Davidthadudee is an independent artist and Executive A&R for Royalty & Respect Management. His music is created through his experience of overcoming drug addiction, homelessness, and God.  He speaks to his experience with God and how the power of Jesus Christ can get anyone through the hard times.  Furthermore, he preaches that you become what you think about most, a true embodiment of where you want to be in life. Davidthadudee lives by this mantra day in and day out where he grinds till his eyes bleed.  There’s no force greater than his own to create music and perform.

Davidthadudee has new music dropping the second quarter of 2022.  His creation includes his hard times and struggles we face in modern day.  These songs will be a representation of all that we go through giving the chance for the listener to relate and not feel alone. Davidthadudee is no force to be reckoned with, he holds drive, passion, and talent to deliver a new sound and make it relatable for everyone.  Davidthadudee will be important to keep tabs on in this new year if you want to embrace the new talent 2022 has to offer.

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