Extra’s Emotion Provoking Music

Growing up as a first-generation Nigerian rapper in California, Extra’s music style was influenced by J. Cole, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar. He developed an energetic positive vibe which is shown through his hip hop music. He started to act once he a music producer moved into a dorm across the hall from him at college at Cal State, Bernardino.  He felt inspired by his beats that he could hear through the walls and therefore decided to create the ideas he had in his head.  Extra developed this passion further and now he has released two different visual series and released 10 music videos.  He could not be stopped after these releases and has started to perform at different venues and hosts his own events with other artists.  Extra’s grind and perseverance are unmatched and cannot be seen anywhere else.

Extra finds that it has been an obstacle to find balance between being an entertainer and simply living his life.  He knows the difficulty of this lifestyle and how there must be great effort to find time for family.  Although this has been a hardship, Extra has overcome this obstacle without compromising the attention he puts on his career.  He values family just as much as he values his career, creating a yin and yang for Extra. This type of mentality creates relatable content for his listeners and creates a culture in his music that is positive and healthy.

Through Extra’s constant grind and caring messages in his songs, he creates music that provokes emotion.  He has just released a new single this past December 2021 called “Can We Live” which was created for a Juneteenth performance that Extra had hosted.  Additionally, he is working on Volume two of both his visual series called “Extra Extra Read All About it” and “Ya Beat Iz Not Safe”. You can see Extra perform live in Los Angeles and neighboring cities!  Extra will provide a sense of belonging to all his listeners!

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