Christian Saikaly’s Drivetrain Acquired by EDST: A Key Milestone in an Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey

When the spark of entrepreneurship meets the determination to innovate, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Such is the story of Christian Saikaly, the force behind Drivetrain, a revolutionary platform in the auto detailing industry. With his venture recently acquired by industry leader EDST, Saikaly’s remarkable journey takes an exciting new turn.

Christian Saikaly: The Man Behind the Innovation

Christian Saikaly‘s entrepreneurial journey took off at a tender age of 16. Starting with landscaping, to dabbling in online sales and marketing, he tirelessly explored a myriad of ventures before he set his sight on Software as a Service (SAAS) platform for auto detailers – thus, Drivetrain was born. This ingenious platform caught the attention of Carmine, Head of Business Solutions at EDST, who recognized its potential and led to the acquisition of Drivetrain.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Success

Christian Saikaly’s path was not devoid of obstacles. The most significant challenges he faced were social and environmental. His unconventional approach to entrepreneurship initially met resistance from those around him. Yet, Saikaly remained undeterred and believed in his vision. “My entrepreneurial mindset surrounds this quote from Warren Buffet, ‘It does not matter how hard you row. It matters what boat you get in’,” he said, reflecting his steadfast determination and relentless pursuit of success.

Charting New Paths at EDST

With Drivetrain now under the EDST umbrella, Saikaly has ambitious plans for the platform. He aims to further refine Drivetrain’s features in collaboration with EDST, with the goal to make their software the top choice for auto detailers across the nation. In addition, he intends to cultivate an environment for other entrepreneurs within EDST’s SAAS sector.

Saikaly’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be resourceful and to take decisive action. As he succinctly put it, “Don’t be a ‘wantrepreneur’, take action.” For Saikaly, work-life balance is less about a fine equilibrium and more about distinct seasons – a time for sewing and a time for reaping.

Christian Saikaly, beyond being an entrepreneur, is an inspiration for those who dare to dream and venture into the unknown. His journey proves that with unyielding dedication, resourcefulness, and the right mindset, even the loftiest dreams can become reality.

For more updates on Christian’s journey, follow him on Instagram or check out EDST.

From a ‘kid from Ohio’ to a figurehead in the auto-detailing industry, Christian Saikaly’s story continues to inspire and underline the potential each one of us possesses to bring about significant change.


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