Cars R Us is Changing The Car Dealership Industry

Purchasing a car can be an extremely grueling process. It is tough to find an honest dealership with the best prices. Luckily, Isiah Velasquez is changing the game for the consumer. Isiah Velasquez is a car broker who is the owner of Cars R Us, located in Miami, Florida. Cars R Us is a car dealership/leasing company that provides its customers with new and used cars.  You are able to purchase any make or model of vehicle all the way from a Honda to a Rolls Royce. Being a broker, Isiah Velasquez is able to get cars at a less cost than actual dealerships because he has relationships and connections with manufacturers.  Lastly, being able to produce units in large quantities allows him to purchase cars at the best price available.

What does Cars R Us Have to Offer?

When you work with Cars R Us, they don’t only provide you with a vehicle, but an experience. The vehicle is brought to your desired location wherever that may be. There isn’t one preferred location, they deliver all across the country. Cars R Us delivers cars to your doorstep, workplace, and even the airport. Upon delivery, you will get a big bow on the car to solidify your beautiful new purchase. They even provide a camera crew to capture the exciting moment, so you’ll never forget it. Cars R Us is commonly referred to as the UberEats of the car industry.

Car R Us Owner: Isiah Velasquez

The warmth that is brought to Isiah’s heart when he watches his customer’s excitement is priceless. He is striving to change the industry and put the power back in the consumer’s pocket. Isiah Velasquez’s drive comes from “being able to help a client with every step of the process. From A-Z without them having to worry about anything and also providing great customer service, great prices, and a great experience.” If you or anybody you know is looking to purchase a vehicle, be sure to reach out to Cars R Us. Lastly, you can contact them through their Instagram.


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