B-Rack’s Ability to Deliver

B-Rack is a 23-year-old creative from Bristol, Connecticut.  At a young age he understood that no money is worth making when you’re miserable making it, with that mentality in mind he was on a pursuit to find his passion. He had always had a love for music and his way to break into the industry was not the traditional course.  He found that filming and photography was where fit in. He was able to help the musician’s vision come to life. He graduated from Marist College in 2020 with a bachelor’s in communications and a Minor in Photography with the drive and passion to become a videographer/photographer within the music industry.  Post college was where he met a few other creatives to create Four Shadow, a company that provides the tools to create desired media solutions for any customer’s vision, brand, or company.  B-Rack has found his success and the success of his team to be a driving force to keep elevating his work.

 B-Rack’s favorite creatives are Cole Bennet and Gunner Stahl.  Their unique styles and incorporation of music has provided inspiration to B-Rack.  Especially with such success at a young age because it gave him inspiration to act immediately. With this type of attitude, B-Rack has already achieved personal goals such as creating regular content for World-renowned Barber, Andy Authentic.  His work can be seen on Andy Authentic Instagram and website where his true innovation and incorporation of his unique style is on display. He holds a lot of pride in this work and excitement for more future milestones as an individual creative and a collective team with Four Shadow.

This team of collective creatives has a strong connection and a clear vision of where they see Four Shadow futures.  The hunger he holds to keep raising the level of his work is like no other. He can’t help but create the visions he has for his customers as well as bring to life his customer visions. B-Rack talents will be in high demand this year due to his ability to deliver. Be sure to keep tabs on him to see his latest creation.

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