Ayo Potter is Making Moves in 2022

Cheverly, Maryland’s very own Ayo Potter has been making tremendous strides in his career lately. Growing up Ayo Potter knew he was destined to do something great with his life. He always gravitated towards rappers and was intrigued by the lifestyle that they lived. While he was in his youth Ayo Potter learned to play multiple instruments as a benchmark for his future success. To this day Ayo Potter still puts the instruments he learned as a child into his music.

Currently, Ayo Potter is an independent artist. He focuses on creating music that is interesting, different, and entertaining. Ayo Potter prides himself on having a different sound than others in the music industry. He wants to stand out on his own and encourages his listeners to do the same. He intends on being original and distinctive, so when you hear his sounds, you know that it is him.

Since Ayo Potter has hit the scene as an artist, he has been dropping music consistently. He has an advantageous goal for 2022 and plans to release music every Monday for his fans to enjoy. This is going to be a monumental year for Ayo Potter as he plans to take his career to the next level. Be sure to follow Ayo Potter on all platforms and follow his reign to the top.

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