Artist Sonny Gambino Brings Raw Lifestyle To Music 

Get to know the upcoming independent artist Sonny Gambino. Many people in the music industry recognize his name. Sonny Gambino, who resides on Long Island, New York, has a swagger and grit that comes through in his music. Born into an old school Italian/American family, Sonny has always incorporated the lessons he learned growing up to be self-sufficient.

With the release of “Pain IN My Voice”, listeners will be able to relate to the project, as well as feel rewarded. This project is the result of a certain period in the life of the independent artist. In the beginning of his songs, the tag makes it clear to the listener that he will expose the raw, authentic side of his life and the reality he is living. Throughout the series of tracks, metaphors are delivered in a mysterious way and it is up to the listeners to determine what they mean. 

It is Sonny’s goal that his audience will resonate with his life and feel gratitude along the way. In his presentation, Sonny hopes to resonate with his audience and make them feel gratitude. As Sonny attests, he owes a lot to his fans and family. 

Self-improvement is a constant theme in Sonny’s life. Daily progress is crucial, he says. In order to perform at his best with music, he eats healthy and exercises regularly. He attributes his work ethic to his idol Lil Wayne. As a 14-year-old, he started writing in his bedroom after being inspired by Wayne. One day, Sonny Gambino plans to perform in front of hundreds and thousands of people, just like Lil Wayne.

Stay tuned in with Sonny’s journey and follow him on Instagram here. Check out his new catalog on Spotify here.


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