Army Green is Taking Over in 2022

Wayne Green, most commonly known by his stage name Army Wayne, has been making tremendous strides in his career lately. Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, Army Wayne always felt destined to create music. He always looked up to rappers in his youth and told himself one day others would look up to him as well. He started his music career young at the age of 8 years old. He began putting lyrics together to other popular songs at the time in order to cultivate the craft as a songwriter. When he got his opportunity to record in a studio in the 7th grade, he knew this was his destiny, and hasn’t looked back since.

Currently, Army Wayne is an independent artist. He has released 8 tapes including his most recent “PurpleHeart”. Army Wayne focuses on creating music that portrays a movie in the mind of the listener. He has overcome a plethora of trials and tribulations in his life and hopes to teach people through his music. When listening to Army Wayne you can’t help but feel the passion bursting through the speakers. His music is filled with lessons that he’s learned throughout life that you can be picked up on with a concentrated ear.

A day in the shoes of Army Wayne is quite chaotic. He wakes up at 4am and immediately begins to think of topics to write about. He is constantly in the studio working with his producers to release his next big track. In 2022 Army Wayne plans to take his career to the next level. Be sure to follow Army Wayne on all platforms and check out his latest music release.

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