Apollo Fresh is Generating Nationwide Buzz

Jonathan Carmin Appolon, aka Apollo Fresh, is a first-generation Haitian American who grew up in Broward County, Florida. Growing up Apollo Fresh always knew he was destined to create music. He was fascinated with the process of creating music and knew it was a great way to express himself. In high school while freestyle with his friends Apollo Fresh discovered that his wordplay was far superior to his peers. It became apparent to him and his friends that he had a talent that could not be ignored. When he was 15, Apollo Fresh decided to go all in with being an artist.

Apollo Fresh is currently an independent artist who focuses on creating music that is purposeful, animated, and energetic. He has created multiple hit songs and has even reached 45 million views on one of his songs. He wants his fans to take away the message that they deserve to enjoy their life and follow their wildest dreams. He gets great fulfilment when fans reach out to him and explain how he has impacted their lives.

This past year Apollo Fresh took his career to the next level. He recently released an EP titled “Life is Anime”. This project has generated nationwide attention and has even seen numerous songs top the charts. 2022 is going to be a massive year for Apollo Fresh so make sure you follow his journey to the top of the music industry.

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