After Losing Everything on SoundCloud, DJ Express Set to Blow Up in 2022

Justin Nunez, known to his followers by the name of DJ Express, is an independent musician from Bridgewater, New Jersey. He got his start in music when he was only 14 years old. He has been a fan of music ever since. His father was a DJ who worked in New York City. This made him want to learn DJing and produce to follow in his footsteps. Also motivated him to elevate his career to a higher level.

Major Setback

DJ Express started by making remixes for SoundCloud and built a loyal following on the platform. There was a setback when his account was deleted because of remixes. This led him to change his direction and create his own songs instead of remixing. This gave him a fresh perception of music and personal skills that led him to be awed by the art of making music even more.

DJ Express Inspiration and Accomplishments

DJ Express currently produces every single song starting from scratch. It allows his listeners to feel his passion in every beat and experience the joy he aims to express in his songs. In his long professional career, Justin has had numerous successes. Still, the most notable accomplishment is that he has multiple songs played on radio stations with more than 5 million streams across all platforms. He draws his inspiration from his father and many artists such as IAMCHINO and Sharo Towers. He would like to collaborate with Sharo Towers since they are believed to be revolutionary hits in the electronic music industry.

What Does DJ Express Have Coming?

He has many exciting projects underway, including an alliance with Jbramah. They are working together to develop the LA Guaracha sound that will captivate people worldwide. Stay up to date on the latest news from DJ Express on Instagram. You can also follow his music on Spotify.


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